What do you want to know?

Karen Crowther

Got you here under false pretences really as there's nowt that interesting to tell about me... proud mother of two amazing grown up boys (one running his own business - Lettus Grow - and the other doing a PHD at Oxford), wife of a Welshman…

Graduated in Chemistry from Bath Uni, worked for the Government for 10 years as an Analytical Chemist, got an MPhil along the way, then took a break to spend time with the family.

Stopped myself from going totally stir crazy by volunteering – booking antenatal classes, organising Nearly New Sales and editing newsletters for the NCT, and then later on volunteering for Save the Children.

Now working as Head of Marketing Operations for Global growing some of the biggest media brands in the country, and life's good. How I jumped from being an Analytical Chemist turned Freelance Writer to a marketing bod…well it involves a bottle of red wine and de-frosting a freezer, but it’s easier explained over a glass of vino, buy me one sometime and I’ll reveal all.

What do I do with my time when I'm not working? Love spending time with family, crochet, knitting, photography, baking and making things in general - that doesn't leave much time for anything else!

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